Fay Brown’s beautiful watercolour illustrations cross over fashion and lifestyle. See her stall at the Eye Candy illustration and art fair.

What first got you into visual arts?
Art was one of my favourite subjects at school, so after my A levels I decided to do a foundation course. This was where I really got into illustration. Meeting new people on the course and sharing ideas in the studio allowed me to learn about so many great artists and illustrators, who I still admire now. Read more



Relatively new in to the world of work, after graduating just a couple of years ago, Definitely Jenny has been busying herself with magazine commissions and developing her distinctive, fun and fresh style. She’ll be selling prints at the Eye Candy illustration & art fair as well as running a workshop.

What first got you into visual arts?
I’ve always loved drawing when I was a kid and spent ages drawing my own fantastical beasts – I believe some of them even roam the depths of my family home still. It wasn’t until I had to chose my A-Levels that I knew I had to pursue the creative industry, I wasn’t even particularly fussed what discipline to follow at that point, all I knew was that I enjoyed it and that I had copious amounts of teenage angst against my father’s strong expectations of me becoming a doctor/lawyer/politician. The rest as they say, is history. Read more


London based illustrator Ben Hendy will be appearing at Eye Candy’s Illustration & Art Fair on Saturday 1st October. Here he talks us through his processes.

How does living in London influence your image making?
Living and working in London is great! I find the large amount and diversity of museums here hugely inspiring. A lot of the ideas for my work come from drawings made in museums in London.
I also love drawing musicians playing gigs, especially jazz. There is a decent amount of good jazz bars and clubs in London with regular jazz sessions and jams, so it’s always pretty easy to find somewhere exciting to draw. Drawing to live music helps me loosen up and capture more energy in my work.
There is a lot of travelling involved with living in London, which is a great time to draw or plan new work. I always have a sketchbook at hand whilst sitting on the tube or bus, usually drawing the other commuters. Read more