When we first met Lewis Moran at Eye Candy 2014 he put together a portrait booth that proved so popular none of the Eye Candy team had a chance to get their portraits drawn. This year Lewis is back to show people how to make zines at the Illustration and Art Fair – we definitely want to get time to make one of those. We think he is one to watch!

What is your creative process from inception to creation?
I would say my process is quite simple. Once I have received the brief my first point of call is to make a few rough sketches of how I want the page to look and once I am happy, I jump straight into making the artwork. I build my images in layers on individual sheets of paper so I start by drawing the image in pencil and then using another sheet overlay washes of ink to add texture. Once they are scanned in I clean them up and multiply the images, usually on Photoshop.

How did you develop your style?
It wasn’t until about six months before leaving uni that I really found a style of working that suited me and that I was happy with. After a lot of experimenting using all the materials and equipment available to me, pencil and ink was a way of working that has since that day stuck with me. Creating images digitally is beginning to slowly creep into my work but I need a lot more practise yet.

How would you describe your artistic style?
One of my ex tutors once described my work as ‘Rough, heavy mark making with warped perspectives’ which sums my work up quite nicely I would say.

What books, blogs and online resources do you use for creative inspiration?
I used to have a very active tumblr account and that used to be my go-to when researching ideas and resources but lately Instagram has taken over. Seeing how people my age and younger are creating amazing work and carving out their creative careers pushes me to work harder.

What soundtrack do you work to?
I usually like to have the radio on in the background whilst working that or a Spotify playlist. As I type I’m currently listening to ‘Give me a sign’ by The Vaccines.

Who are your heroes and what other artists do you dig?
Hero: L . S . Lowry
Hero: Leonard Knight – Salvation Mountain
Ellice Weaver
Moth Collective
Papio Press

What project are you working on now?
Right now I am working on a small branding project for a family member who has just launched her own business and also planning all my assets ready for my workshop at Eye Candy, which is really exciting.

What’s the last exhibition that you visited?
The last exhibition I went to was the degree show at The University of Gloucestershire, there were some really great pieces on display throughout all the creative disciplines and it will be interesting to see how their work will develop after leaving.

Do you collect work of any other artists?
I do try to as much as I can, above my desk I have a Screen Print by James Baily, an original by Jamie Tobin and a huge concertina called ‘Space Race’ by Tom Cole, but I mainly collect books and Zines.

What is the number one piece of advice you would like to tell new artists?
Use ALL of the materials and equipment available to you at university as much as you can, its only once you have graduated that you realise how great it was to have those facilities available to you and you will really regret not using them to your full potential, make sure you graduate knowing how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and get a part time job!

What do you dislike about the art world?
That illustration is for some reason seen as an ‘inferior’ discipline.

Are there any rules or habits that help you do your job more efficiently?
Take regular breaks and always try and step back and ask yourself is this really answering the brief?

You can only visit one City, watch one film, read one book, listen to one album for the rest of your life. What would they be?
City – Bristol because it really is a beautiful city and has a thriving arts culture with good pubs and restaurants. I recommend The Stable by the Harbour!
Film – Not really a film but any documentary by Louis Theroux.
Book- Yellow One Illustrated Year by OffLife followed closely by Hate Mail by Mr Bingo.
Album – Puzzle by Biffy Clyro


Lewis will be running a Zine Making workshops at the Eye Candy Illustration & Art Fair, Saturday 1st October, St Martin’s Church in the Bullring, Birmingham. Join him from 10.30am.

In this practical workshop, participants will be asked to select a theme to work with and build a body of work around it. Following this, you will be guided through the process of turning your work into a self-published zine that can be taken home with you. No prior knowledge of zine making is necessary and all materials will be provided.


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